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Here’s a Cost-Effective and Memorable Way to Impact Your Audience! 

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It usually costs companies big bucks to get the word out about their products via traditional media like TV and newspapers. Nonetheless, marketers are increasingly turning to more cost-effective ways to advertise while guaranteeing a lasting impact and a good return on investment (ROI). Fleet graphics is one such approach.

The out-of-home advertising method is catching on fast for its many desirable characteristics, including extensive, targeted reach and low costs. But who should you be targeting with vehicle wraps, and what can the technique accomplish for your brand? 

Setting Your Objectives Right 

Decide what precisely you want to achieve with your vehicle wraps campaign as you consider launching it. You could be eyeing goal lines that are difficult to cross by traditional advertising means. These might include: 

Reaching a wider audience 

If your company vehicles are always on the move, adorning them all over with promotional messaging can help spread the news about your products. You can primarily expand your reach this way because Americans travel 302 miles per week on average, reportedly. You could take your brand to these traveling prospects in their tens of thousands or more each month. 

Grabbing Attention 

To draw the attention of your audience to your brand, provide them with something stunningly conspicuous. Think about colorful graphics that other motorists will quickly notice as your branded cars “zoom” toward and past them on the road.  

Lower Costs 

When the goal is to lower advertising costs, a vehicle wrap is ideal as nobody gets paid to keep it on for as long as it’s relevant. There’s no extra cost for involving your company cars, vans, or trucks (and their crew) in the campaign as these are mostly doing their regular work—transporting goods or personnel. The high-impact approach is more cost-effective than billboards or TV ads with recurrent costs. 

Targeted Advertising 

You know where your company vehicles go every day. So, you can design your promotional messaging to address the pain points or interests of the people that see your vehicle wraps in these places. That’s targeted advertising, which yields a higher ROI than national TV ads. 

Non-Intrusive Advertising 

Traditional TV or web ads are intrusive (that’s why some people watch TV with the remote in hand, and others download ad pop up blockers). But vehicle wraps do not interrupt anything that other commuters or motorists are doing, so they don’t usually elicit negative sentiment on the road. 

Reaching Out to Consumers in Transit 

Brand exposure on the road (courtesy of vehicle wraps) can increase when you target these travelers: 

  • Pedestrians: About 80% of pedestrians in America say they do 6.1 miles per week on average in downtown areas. You want them to be seeing your brand every day, so target them with relevant vehicle wraps. 
  • Short-distance commuters: These are local people who take about 30 min on average to go to places of work, college, or shopping. Targeted vehicle wrap ads are great for them because they know your brand and where to find your products. 
  • “Long haulers”: These are long commute drivers (for example, truckers). Studies show that TV or newspaper advertisers are unlikely to reach 19% of these commuters. They may not have the time to read or watch the news, but they are unlikely to ignore a brightly designed vehicle wrap they momentarily see on the highway.   

Vehicle wraps can change the way you advertise to target audiences. The low low-cost option doesn’t involve recurrent costs associated with TV, billboards, or newspaper ads. It’s more or less free advertising because you’re displaying advertisements on company-owned or operated vehicles. At Desai Communications, we design, produce and install fleet graphics for a small fraction of the cost of traditional long-term advertising methods.  

Contact us to start optimizing your ad budget while generating a lasting, memorable impact on your audience!

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