Graphics Create Well-Defined Space at Trade Show Booths

Creating a well-defined trade show display can be pivotal in attracting and engaging the visitors you want. Obviously, it is crucial to draw people to your booth. But once they are there you must keep them there long enough to engage them meaningfully. Planning the layout of your booth and the surrounding area is indispensable if you seek to make the most of the time, energy, and money spent on your booth. 

Trade Show Booth Design
Making Your  Trade Show Booth the Focal Point

Drawing People to Your Booth 

It is necessary that your company or brand stand out among the competition. When a person walks into a trade show, the area is usually very large and there are lots of different booths. So, your goal is to draw as many people to yours as possible. Otherwise, there is no point in your company being at the trade show. 

Getting people to notice your booth and walk over is the first step to engaging them. You must decide what will draw people to your booth, rather than the booth next to yours or the one across the aisle. How can you stand out? 

There are many different effective methods — they range from free-giveaways and raffles, games, or having booth-attendants approach people to draw them in. So, you must decide what works for your brand. 

Graphic Displays  

One highly effective option is large graphic displays. People are often drawn in by visual stimuli. Simply put, they see something interesting or appealing, so they walk over to check it out. There’s too much noise at most trade shows for anyone to hear much of anything, so catching someone’s eye is more likely. So, there are lots of different choices when it comes to graphic displays. Videos, slideshows, and mosaics are some of the more popular types of displays used at booths. 

Defining the Space and Directing the Flow of Traffic 

A large graphic display can maximize the effectiveness of your booth by helping to define the space. First, what does it mean to “define the space”? In a sense, it is organizing the layout of your booth to maximize effectiveness. So, it is knowing how to use your booth to draw people in and then engage them. You need to understand what the key areas of focus us, and how you want to direct traffic. 

It is also of key importance is that once people are drawn into the booth, they must be directed effectively. You need to decide beforehand what you want people to focus on. Where in your booth do you want to direct traffic for maximum effect? 

Large graphic displays can help direct the flow of traffic. And, they can also help create an effective space in and around the booth. This is one effective strategy for funneling traffic towards the focal point of your booth. Use large graphic displays to direct people based on their specific interests.  

Categories of Graphics  

These are some broad considerations to make when considering how to define your space with large scale graphics. First off, how close is the attendee to your booth? You can engage people up close, but you can also engage them from a distance. 

Long-range graphics are typically used to increase brand visibility. Plus, they help people identify your booth, often by recognizing a logo. 

Mid-range graphics are generally in the form of signs or images. These are intended to help people further identify your brand. They are often placed on the outer walls in an effort to draw people from the isles or other booths. 

Short-range graphics convey your brand’s message in more detail once attendees are in your booth. And, these graphics include images and text which are only legible up-close. Copy usually includes information on the company and products. This would include graphics like charts or graphs. 

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