Event Conferencing

GlobalMeet Event Conferencing

Professional Event Management

Event experts provide flawless
execution from beginning to end

Advanced Audio Network

Global, secure and reliable
with exceptional call quality

Global Service

Exceptional service and support
for up to 15,000 partic-ipants

Industry-Leading Event Conferencing

Flawlessly Executed Operator Assisted Events

PGi’s event experts manage hundreds of high-profile audio events every day for some of the world’s largest organizations. From quarterly earnings calls and press events to corporate announcements, you can rely on PGi’s proven expertise to deliver a superior meeting experience over a secure and reliable global audio network.

Minimize Risk with Full-Service Professional Care

Our event professionals personalize events based on your specific needs, from beginning to end. We take care of all the details so you can focus solely on your presentation and make a positive impression on your audience.

Host Spectacular Events with Better Outcomes

Engage your audience utilizing our robust audio technology for crystal-clear communication free of distractions. Exceptional service and support from anywhere in the world ensures a successful outcome for your most important events.

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Event Consultation and Production

Our award-winning event professionals coordinate rehearsals and provide expertise on timing and flow.

Event Invitations and Registration

Send mass invitations via email or SMS and collect participant information in advance.

Participant Verification

Prevent unauthorized access with secure live operator, click-to-join or passcode entry options.
Operators can remove participants when notified before or during the event.

During the Event

Participant Engagement

Improve engagement with professionally moderated Q&A and polling.

Slide Assist Add-on Feature

Easily present and manage slides and visual elements to support your audio presentation for up to 1,000 concurrent participants.

Professional Assistance

Operators can call and connect attendees directly and create private conferences. Live call support is available 24/7 for immediate assistance.


Comprehensive Reporting

Capture attendee information from registration, participation and polling.

Event Transcription

Document the call with a full transcription and the option to translate into other languages if needed.

Audio Production

Professional-grade recording and editing produce high-quality recordings for replay via web or toll-free number

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