Event Management Pain Points: How to Make Your Event Run Smoothly

Hosting an event for your product or service represents one of the most effective and comprehensive marketing tools for growing your business.

Some of the reasons you should consider an event include:

  • The opportunity to receive immediate sales and market for future business at the human level
  • Collecting information through drawings and giveaways helps to grow your database and leads
  • Building brand awareness through samples and products with the business name imprinted on the products such as pens and magnets
  • Taking the opportunity to present information in a way that helps your customers remember your brand
  • Taking the opportunity to establish and build on existing relationships
  • Establishing yourself as an expert in the field

What are the Event Management Pain Points?

Though the decision to host an event represents a productive one, it does not come without challenges and problems.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Solidifying vendors
  • Dealing with last minute cancellations
  • Dealing with late registrations or changes in bookings
  • Unexpected delays due to logistical concerns
  • Disappointments caused by unrealistic expectations
  • Vendors or staff who lack experience
  • Technical problems
  • Choosing an appropriate venue
  • Time management and organizing the event
  • And, something we can’t control, the weather

How to overcome the Pain Points:

Of course, the first step in dealing with problems involves acknowledging the possibility of challenges and issues. Creating a back-up plan for all the possible problems in and of itself represents an expensive and time-consuming process ultimately taking away from the event itself. For efficiency’s sake, it makes sense to categorize the possible problems and determine which challenges most likely will arise based on the vendors and customers.

Know your vendors:

Depending on the nature of the business, a marketing event may attract several different vendor types. Understanding the vendors and their personalities will help pinpoint and deal with the problems which may disrupt the marketing event.

When analyzing the vendors, take a look at the following details:

  • The company they are representing
  • The demographics of the vendor such as their position level, their pay, and location
  • Their personality and general interests
  • The personal and business goals of the individual
  • The challenges or pain points of the company
  • What practices they use to solve problems

Categorizing the pain points:

Once you know your customer profile, the problem-solving process becomes more comfortable to streamline by categorizing the pain points. Dealing with each type of concern at once gives a clearer path to the solution.

Consider the following pain point categories:

  • Financial matters dealing with the cost of the event and if it represents a sound investment
  • Logistical concerns regarding the venue location, possible travel or weather complications
  • Technical concerns regarding the knowledge and capabilities of the vendor representatives and the support staff onsite
  • Meeting the expectations for the vendors and their customers
  • Follow-up support after the event ends

We can help:

Time management represents one of the most glaring event management pain points. Though planning the event seems plausible from a marketing standpoint, it takes away from your efforts to improve your product or service. Especially for businesses that do not have or wish to incur the expense of a marketing team, it makes sense to seek the advice and services of experts in the field. At Desai Communications, we offer event planning solutions, so your focus remains on the product or service and the essential relationships established.

Some of the ways we will assist with your event include:

  • Management and strategy to save time and money
  • Pre-conference analytics for strategizing and logistics
  • Providing onsite support at the event
  • Unique ideas to make the event memorable and therefore profitable

We welcome questions and feedback. If you need more ideas or information on event planning and overcoming potential pain points visit us here.


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