6 Things to Consider When Hiring an Event Management Company

The importance of partnering with the ideal event management company cannot be overestimated. Event management companies are not made equal, and the one you work with can make or break your occasion. And that right there is the conundrum. How can you be sure you are hiring the perfect company? Well, you are in luck as below are the 6 things to consider when hiring an event management company.

1. Know your Needs

Before you set out, you should have your event objectives down to at. Answer questions such as what is the type of event you are holding, what is your budget, how many people do you expect?

You should be able to communicate your needs in a few lines. Also, by determining your objectives, ideas begin to emerge, as does the message you want to convey.

Finally, it reduces the back and forth between you and the company.

2. Look for General and Relevant Experience

There is a trend where anyone who has ever organized even a family event is now an event planner. Also, anyone can now create a website for that professional look.

As such, it is always best to dig deeper and ask for the case studies of projects they have worked on. Go through their social media pages, and check how long they have been active. Companies that have been working for extended periods have a wealth of experience compared to new entrants.

Also, ask for relevant experience. A corporate or special event is different from an entertainment event. The skillsets needed for each event to be successful are different.

Hire a company with expertise in what you need.

3. Qualifications

Event planning is ever-changing, expanding, and innovating. However, some bare minimums need to be met for an events company to be qualified. Associations ensure that their members adhere to these bare minimums. With that in mind, hire a company that belongs to one of these associations.

Also, and this will be a surprise to most of you, there are courses on event management now. If you were to hire a nurse, you would want one who is educated, right? Well, we recommend you approach hiring event management companies with the same caution.

4. Referrals, Testimonials, and Online Reviews

Where possible, we recommend you ask a colleague to refer an event company. You will learn from the horse’s mouth what the company is capable of, and their shortcomings.

Testimonials also come in handy. Again, these are people who have worked with the company, and their insights are invaluable. But take testimonials from the company’s website with a pinch of salt.

Finally, check their reviews on Google or other business review sites. At the end of it all, you should have a clear picture of who you are dealing with, and if they are the right company.

5. Insurance Cover

Often overlooked, insurance, and proper insurance is a must-have for any event management company.

Previously, insurance companies covered event companies under a section known as ‘event management’. Today, the same phrase can mean anything, depending on the judge. Therefore, ensure they have the appropriate coverage to avoid legal action.

6. Equipment

Though this is the last thing, you should consider it is still an essential factor. Some event companies hire equipment, and this cost is later transferred to you. We believe that you should hire a company with its equipment to keep costs low.

Also, the company will know its own gear inside out, resulting in better services.


As we said earlier, event management companies are not created equal. Some are simply head and shoulders above the rest. Now that you know the 6 things to consider when hiring an event management company, you can be confident you will hire the best event planners. Also, I welcome you to contact us for more information or for a hand with your event.

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